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There really isn't a one board quiver. Although it’s fun to say that you are darn close and can use one board for 90% of the surfing you do. The reality is that we as surfers dream of perfect waves. Let’s face it though, if the thought of going surfing is an easy task then the sight of un-crowded lineups, perfect wedgy ramps, crisp lips and reeling walls of buttery wave face in front of us are a rarity. Crowds exist as much as sub-par surf conditions and closeouts.


  • Characteristics shared with Mr. Buzz and 2x4 for daily driver ease in good waves
  • Familiar paddling with user friendly rocker packaged in a refined performance board
  • Fuller nose and chopped tail outline = order 4-5” shorter and ½” wider than your normal performance board


* SK8 DECK OPTION AVAILABLE (Please write to us at checkout if you would like this option).





The Buzzsaw is the link between Mr. Buzz and a standard performance shortboard. Nathan Fletcher introduced the world to Mr. Buzz with it’s non-conforming contours, outline and foil never before seen in a contemporary high performance shortboard. Those looking to get “Buzzed” without the hangover opted for the Super Buzz which served as the user friendly short and wide little rocket of a daily driver. Even still, there are those who don’t prefer to ride something as short.

The Buzzsaw has Mr. Buzz DNA but is designed for those who want to stay within the comfort zone of their familiar every day go-to shortboard. Since the Buzzsaw isn’t designed to be ridden short like Mr. Buzz or Super Buzz, it retains familiar paddling and a dependable performance rocker.


The outline shares a similar nose to a 2x4 up front but with a Buzz rear end. The wider tail outline is narrower and has a bit more curve than Mr. Buzz to allow for a tri-fin option and still allow it to remain proficient and plane through softer sections.


Signature Buzz concaves and rocker highlight an aggressive single to double while still hosting a predictable feel when pushing hard off the tail. The flip in the tail which combines the added curve in the rail rocker to provides more control and responsiveness for when the waves get crispy.


Medium 50/50 rails and a balanced foil compliment the 5-fin convertible cluster to increase the usability of the Buzzsaw whether it be playful beachbreak or freight train drainers.


Wider tails, fluid compression rocketing it’s way out the tail and increased speed equates to more fun! More and more surfers who have ridden the Buzzsaw SK8 have found that concave decks help to take all that new found enjoyment and manage it differently. Longitudinal ridges acting as wedge platforms serve as leverage points to give you more fine tune control or extra leaning force when laying it over on rail. They thin the center and bring you closer to the waterline, allow you to ride a wider outline without compromising control and give you an overall enhanced feel of connectivity to your board.


With usability and performance board cross-over being the design goal, fin selection on the Buzzsaw is still equally as important. Recommended fin template and sizes for most surfers will range from high aspect ratio 4.375” (with 4.0” symmetrical rears when ridden as quad) up to 4.625”/4.25”. Double concaves and a wider tail with some added leverage provide lift and that sensation can urge you to have credence in a larger or more raked out fin. Stretch’s 2nd generation fin template at 4.5” to 4.625” with it’s slightly wider base and raked profile is an excellent choice and has been designed exclusively by Stretch for boards like the 2x4 and Buzzsaw SK8.

    Buzz Saw

    • Due to fluctuating fuel costs which affect our rates with couriers we have to quote shipping on a case by case basis for boards over 6 feet.

      This will be settled after the sale and before the board is shipped. We will send amount to you which we incur from the courier company.

      For serious enquires we can provide a quote prior to the sale if you get in touch with us.

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