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Prices starting at $865


  • (Unique) everyday board
  • 5150+ with a traditional nose
  • True convertible 5-fin
  • Flat to single concave to flat back all the way out the tail
  • Reverse bottom channels
  • Order 4-5" shorter and .25" thinner than your standard performance thruster
  • Both front and back foot friendly design


The 5150 was originally designed for William Aliotti to create a daily driver that minimized length and maximized skateboard like features in small to medium sized waves. This model comes stock with a Sk8 deck only (order .25” thinner than your standard thickness). The snub nose allows a straighter drawn out rail line which increases speed and decreases drag. By shortening the overall length, the 5150 is capable of fitting in tighter pockets and allowing you to draw your own lines.


  • Due to fluctuating fuel costs which affect our rates with couriers we have to quote shipping on a case by case basis for boards over 6 feet.

    This will be settled after the sale and before the board is shipped. We will send amount to you which we incur from the courier company.

    For serious enquires we can provide a quote prior to the sale if you get in touch with us.

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